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Welcome to my food blog . Being an Indian housewife adds a lot of pressure in terms of making good food. Expectations from the husband and the in-laws is there to cook good food. Making good food becomes a way of gaining trust and acceptance into the family.

I was a complete novice and now at least I can cook something which everyone likes and at times have got good appreciation from my in-laws and husband. Tough to come by ! ! !

After nine years of marriage I must say that I am now onto the second innings in terms of food. We recently shifted from Gurgaon to Chennai. Yes Chennai for a North Indian can be a totally alien city . Thank god for that Apartment complex where I live .. It has families form almost all over India and I have made friends with a lot of housewives and thus has begun my second innings. I am trying to cook a lot of South Indian (Andhra, Kerala, Tamil) dishes and have got some good hang of what cooking is all about.

So this blog will be my journey of food transition from North Indian to South India and much more..

The idea for this blog came when someone in my apartment complex commented that they do not have any place to showcase their culinary skills. That really got me thinking and since used to blog earlier I thought this would be a wonderful idea and here I am writing my first post.

I hope to be consistent and post almost daily. I am almost tempted to say time permits but that is not the way I want it to be and it should be I will post daily come what may …

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