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Benefits of using low fat recipes

In this day and age when there are so many food options that are considered bad for you, eating healthy meals can seem like an uphill struggle. Especially when you have a busy lifestyle that doesn’t often allow you to cook for yourself.

You find that even the most healthy lunches and meals you can buy pre-made, have an inconceivable fat content. There are lots of benefits to you not trusting the labels, and eating a home-made and healthy recipe while you catch up on a Foxy game of bingo, or watch TV after work.

Saturated fats – There are two types of fat. Good unsaturated fats which your body needs to maintain its health, and saturated fats aka the ones that make you put on weight. It’s the saturated fats that you want to avoid. If you create a meal from a recipe with reduced saturated fats, then you’ll notice a steady weight loss over time.

Lower cholesterol – When you opt for meal recipes that use healthier meats and plenty of vegetation, you are reducing your cholesterol, which in turn gives you more energy and reduces your chances of getting heart disease. It’s a simple case of cooking the salmon dish instead of the steak one. Your intake of cholesterol should be less than 300 mg per day.

Fish over red meat – Yes, you may not be a fan of fish, but it is a much healthier meat to take in than red meats like beef. Oily fish contains omega-3 which helps to reduce your chances of getting cardiovascular disease.

The way you cook – When you fry food, you are making it less healthy for you to cook. That’s why you’ll notice a healthy eater will boil or poach their eggs instead of frying them. By baking, roasting, steaming, boiling and broiling your foods, you are making the recipe healthier.

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Round up for the Breakfast club Event #15

Thanks to Helen for allowing me to host the Breakfast Club Event . It was good see the entries coming up and the theme of conserves was hopefully accepted well. Without Ado here is the round up

Karen at  Lavender & Lovage has this beautiful Boozy Toast for entry

Boozy Toast







Ruth at Makey Cakey has this entry for the Jammy Baked Porridge








Rudra at Moms corner has this Maraba Tamer recipe

maraba tamer









C at Cake, Crumbs and Cooking  has made this Sticky Bluberry Jam Bread








Kate at What Kate Baked sent this entry named Rhubarb and vanilla








Krithi at Krithi’s Kitchen has this delicious Dried Figs and Dates Spicy Jam

Dried Figs jam








Vardhini of Zesty Palette has this Strawberry preserve







Thanks everyone for sending in their entries for the breakfast club and I am sure a lot of my readers will love this special treat.

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Round up for the Only fasting food Event

Thanks Pari for letting me host the ONLY event. Again apologies for being late on posting the round up as I had some family emergency which kept me from putting the Hosting announcement and now the round up.

So here is the round up of the entries..

vaishali sabnani from  IMG_6543 Ribbon’s to Pasta’s has sent this entry for  Zesty fruits






Raksha Kamat from Raksha’s Kitchen has this Sabudana Khichdi







Thanks for the entries and happy Diwali to all ..

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